Beautiful days for brides on a budget

We specifically want to serve brides who are budget-conscious. We get it, girl. There simply aren’t a lot of coordination or planning services within reach of DIYers, students, couples with debt, etc. Even though you might not be able to have a $50k wedding—or even a $20k wedding for that matter—you still want the best day of your life to be, well, the best day of your life! That’s where we come in.

Sure, if you’re having a very small and low-key wedding, you can probably handle it. BUT. The more you DIY, the more you have to keep track of and account for the day of. The more moving parts that get added on as you get closer to the wedding (and they WILL be added on!), the higher the chance of something going wrong. When you add in the responsibilities you have from work and school, your wedding can quickly be put on the backburner. We don’t want to be a Debbie Downer, but we also don’t want you to be a wreck before or during your wedding!

I (Jessica) planned my wedding for less than $10k. I wish I had been able to afford a coordinator, but that simply wasn’t an option with my budget. Even though we're starting this service, it still might not be in yours, and that’s okay! But we're here for you if you see the value in having someone to take the reigns.

Think of us as best friends who genuinely want you to have the best wedding possible. If we're not the right fit for you as a planner or coordinator, that’s okay! We do offer a la carte services for brides who need help in smaller ways.

We firmly believe that marriage is a sacred union sealed by God to display the relationship between Christ and the church. We also believe that the purpose of marriage is for a man and woman to live their lives as a team in obedience to God for His glory. While we will not necessarily turn away potential clients who do not share all of our beliefs, we do ask that you would use your best judgment in considering us as a part of your big day.


Jessica Tung Thomas

Jessica is our lead planner + coordinator!


Jill Schroeder

Jill is a coordinator!