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Wedding Registry Alternatives

Wedding Registry Alternatives


One of the most fun parts of getting married is putting together your registry! It’s basically like a wish list that comes true!

Obviously, you’re going to need a lot of different things for your new home if you’re just now moving out of your parents’ house. Make sure you include basics like kitchen goods, tools, storage options, furniture, sheets, towels, or anything else you might need, but put some fun things on there too!

Now, maybe you’ve been on your own for awhile and you already have everything you need (maybe your fiance is in the same situation and you have duplicates of essentials!), or if you’re blanking on what to put on your registry. No worries—God has just provided for you over the years! However, even in this situation, your loved ones, and especially those who have plenty to give, are going to want to bless you on your wedding day. It’s okay to let them!

What are some other things you could “register” for you if you don’t need or want much more than you already have? Our ideas are slightly unconventional, but if you’re a #budgetbabe, these might be great options!

  1. Gift cards to your preferred grocery store or gas station

    Let your loved ones take some financial strain off of your first few months of married life!

  2. Date nights

    If money is tight once you get married, date nights will probably be one of the first expenses you cut. Many of your guests would love to gift one to you so you can still enjoy an occasional night out! You can pick out your own dates or leave it up to your guests.

  3. Gifts That Give Back

    At alternativegifts.org, guests can purchase gifts in your honor that go towards charitable causes around the world! And if you live in Wichita, Alternative Gifts is local! You could also choose any charity to point your guests toward!

  4. Tuition + Books

    If you’re still in college and paying for it yourself, you could ask your guests to put money towards a fund that you’ll use for tuition and books! This could reeaaaally help you out. Or, if you already know what books you’ll need, you could always put them individually on your registry!

  5. Your Honeymoon

    Are you worried that you won’t be able to afford your honeymoon? Register for it! You can either have a general honeymoon fund on your registry, or you can list specific parts of your trip like airfare or gas, a nice dinner, tickets, etc. You could even take photos of you on each part of your trip and send them to the people who funded them!

  6. Any Other Monthly Expense

    If you’re on a tight budget, figure out what you pay for on a regular basis. Whether it’s haircuts, gym memberships, car insurance, dog food, or anything else, you can register for it! Either ask for gift cards to the appropriate places, or put funds on your registry toward each category.

Once again, your loved ones will want to help you out and celebrate you by providing for you! Don’t be afraid to ask for unconventional things. If you’re having trouble paying for tuition, then ask for help with tuition, not a toaster. You get it. Your guests will want to know that you’re actually getting good use out of their gifts!

For setting up funds on your registry, we recommend using Zola! Zola also allows you to pull different items from all over the Internet, rather than having to make a registry that’s entirely from one store.

What other alternative registry items can you think of? Share them in the comments!


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